1st February 2020

Network wide - Emergency maintenance, scheduled 8 months ago

Description of maintenance

Due to a bug in the new firmware on our edge routers we have to perform emergency maintenance in order to address this. The past few days you may have noticed slightly degraded network performance caused by this issue. Network performance will be back up to our standards after the maintenance. The quickly increasing risk posed by this bug has caused us to schedule emergency maintenance in order to prevent unexpected service degradation or even interruptions.


During the maintenance some impact is unavoidable due to the scope of the issue. This will result in as short degradation of network performance right at the start of the maintenance in order to apply a workaround to get the routers ready for the firmware upgrade. After that the network performance will be slightly degraded during the maintenance until the maintenance has been completed.

  • Regular updates will posted on here should the maintenance not go according to plan.

Date and Time

The emergency maintenance will start on 2 January 2020 on 00:00 (CET) and will end 2 January 2020 06:30 (CET).

Post maintenance information

  • If you are still experiencing issues after the maintenance has been completed, please get in touch so we can resolve the issues!
  • You can do this by sending an e-mail to support@novoserve.com


2 February 2020 4:56 - The maintenance has been completed. During the maintenance a hiccup was noticed for customers inside the subnet. All other customers should have been unaffected by the maintenance.