16th January 2020

Network maintenance for a AMS-IX upgrade, scheduled 1 month ago

Description of maintenance

In order get our network ready for 2020 we need to upgrade hour network links to AMS-IX.


During the maintenance traffic will be cleared off the locations involved before anything will be done. There may be some packet loss to select destinations. All services and the network will remain operational.

  • Regular updates will posted on here should the maintenance not go according to plan.

Date and Time

The maintenance will start on 17 January 2020 on 10:00 (CET) and will end 17 January 2020 on 11:00 (CET).

Post maintenance information

  • If you are still experiencing issues after the maintenance has been completed, please get in touch so we can resolve the issues!
  • You can do this by sending an e-mail to support@novoserve.com


We still need some testing therefore the maintenance has been extended to 17 January 2020 on 12:00 (CET).