7th March 2019

Doetinchem (DCD) BGP routing issues

07-03-2019 16:43 The routing issue was caused by problems in our network in Frankfurt (DCF). We have updated the configuration such that this issue can never recur.

07-03-2019 16:27 We have found the root cause of the issue and made changes to resolve the issue.

07-03-2019 16:25 The fix that we applied did not solve the issue, status returned back to: Investigating. The scope of the issue has changed to the entire network.

We are unable to provide any ETA. We will actively update this page with information, phone support capacity may be reduced.

07-03-2019 15:11 The problem has been identified and we are now working on a fix.

07-03-2019 14:55 We are investigating network issues in our datacenter in Doetinchem. Updates will follow in this post.